California is #1 With The Highest Gas Price in the Nation

A barrel of oil is less than $30 right now. It hasn't been that low in years! As a result, gas prices are under $2 in many parts of the country. Not California! Our state is the most expensive in the nation. Even more than Alaska and Hawaii and industry experts say that's tough to do. Allison Mac says it has to do with our refineries. We don't have that many. When there are problems it affects the price at the pump as does our taxes and the required winter and summer blends.

Other states don't have those sort of things to contend with. Mac says we are averaging $2.99 a gallon in California. That's nowhere close to the $1.66 drivers are paying in Missouri, but it is a drop. In fact, Mac believes California gas prices will drop another 20 cents over the next couple of weeks.

It's interesting to note that the last time the price of oil was under $30 gas prices in California was $1.69!

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