California among top 2 most expensive states to own and maintain a car

If you find car expenses add up more in California than in other states, a new study backs up your theory. 

Technically, California and Nevada are tied when it comes to the most expensive states to own and maintain a car, according to a study done by Forbes Advisor using data from AAA.

The average California car owner spends nearly $900 a month for expenses, which include car payments, fuel maintenance, repairs, and insurance. Overall, it all adds up to $10,728 a year. 

Nevada has the third-highest gas prices in the nation and car owners in the Silver State pay about $900 more a year in car insurance than in any other state. 

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In general, owning a car on the West Coast is costly.

Other states that ranked in the top 10 were:

3. Colorado

4. Florida

5. Alaska

6. Maryland

7. Georgia

8. New Mexico

9. Louisiana 

10. A three-way tie between Washington, Wyoming and Texas

Conversely, six of the 10 least expensive states for car ownership are in the Midwest, including Ohio, Iowa, and Kansas.

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Some suggested ways to trim down costs include reducing gas usage, shopping around for the best insurance rates, and staying on top of your car maintenance. 

View the study here.