Burbank mandatory evacuations lifted; some voluntary evacuations stays in place

Mandatory evacuations have been lifted for a Burbank neighborhood where there were fears of possible mud and debris flows. It's an area where mud has come down before.

On Tuesday mandatory evacuations for Country Club Drive above Via Montana have been lifted as of 9:00 PM tonight; however, a voluntary evacuation for this location stays in place until further notice.

Additionally, earlier voluntary evacuation for the addresses below have been lifted altogether for the remainder of tonight.

-- All of Hamline Place
-- 925-1030 Groton Drive
-- 830-849 Stephen Road
-- 907-936 Irving Drive
-- 2906 & 2934 Olney Place
-- 2934 Remy Place
-- 2949 Mystic View Place
-- 3430-3436 Brace Canyon Road
-- 3301-3310 Brookshire Court
-- 3318, 3321, 3322, 3422 Wedgewood Lane
-- 3514-3519 Folkstone Court
-- 3529-3530 Castleman Lane

The previously designated evacuation site located at McCambridge Recreation Center (1515 N Glenoaks Blvd) is now closed.

If you see significant mud, debris, or fast flowing water, do not try to cross it or drive a vehicle through it. Shelter in place or avoid for your safety.

The Stough Nature Center and Wildwood Canyon hiking and recreation areas continue to be closed until further notice. These areas are prone to debris and mud flow and pose a significant safety risk, especially during periods of heavy rainfall.

Please adhere to all hillside closures.