Brothers Rescue Injured Hammerhead Shark On Florida Beach (VIDEO)

(FOX 11) Let me preface this article by saying if you see stranded marine life on the beach, call your local fish and wildlife authority.

DO NOT do this.

Two brothers were visiting Destin, Florida when they found an injured hammerhead shark near the shoreline. One of them was captured on film pulling the shark to shore, where they eventually removed two hooks and a lure from its mouth.

"I started pulling it in and it was kind of scary, but hammerhead sharks aren't really that dangerous to humans," one of the brothers Logan Lakos told local news station WJHG. "Knowing that, I pulled it in. Everyone else was freaking out so it was hard to bring him in. But once people started realizing we were trying to help it, some of the other guys around were all crowding around it and trying to help it."

Once the deep sea fishing hooks in its mouth were removed, as well as steel fishing line tangled in and around its head, they then dragged the shark back out to sea.

"My brother was able to pull the shark into deeper water until it was able to swim away safely in an attempt to avoid further injuring itself or the public," the description reads on the video posted to YouTube.

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