Boy Whose Mom Was Killed in Motorcycle Accident Makes Tearful Plea to Change Helmet Laws

A nine-year-old boy whose mother was knocked from a motorcycle and killed is making an emotional plea to change helmet laws in Florida.

Trey Flournoy made a YouTube video calling for change just weeks after his 30-year-old mother, Tonya, passed away.

Tonya was not wearing a helmet when she was knocked from a friend's motorcycle on August 17. According to local reports at the time, a 2014 Chevy Cruz turned into the bike's path, throwing Tonya and the driver off. While the driver survived, Tonya was killed.

Florida doesn't require motorcyclists to wear helmets over the age of 21 - and Trey wants that changed.

"We need to do this," he says in his video. "We have to make it so people have to wear a helmet."

Speaking to INSIDE EDITION, he said: "My mom could've been sitting right here next to me if she would have been wearing a helmet. And she wouldn't have gotten hurt bad or injured."

His dad Mike explained that Tonya hadn't been an avid motorcyclist but one night, a friend offered to give her a ride around the block.

"Had it had been something where, 'hey, you have to wear this [helmet]' we don't know if she could still be here or not to see her boys grow up," Mike said.

Trey, who has a younger brother, struggled to hold back his emotions as he remembered their mom.

"I miss how adventurous, how loving, how thoughtful she was," he said. "She had a great time with life."

In Trey's video, he appealed for politicians to help change the law, and even asked Donald Trump for help.

"I hope that if he did get this I hope that he would support me and I really hope he would get this changed," Trey told IE.

He said that he intends to continue making videos calling for change.

Mike added: "We want people who are influential in America to look at the young boy who's gone through something tragic and really look at some of these laws.

"We don't feel that it's fair that someone has to wear a seatbelt in a car - which makes sense - but be able to ride a motorcycle and not be able to protect the most important part of their body."

Of Trey, he added: "It's unfortunate for him to feel a loss like this at such a young age. We just don't want other people to go what he's going through."

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