Border Patrol releases video showing 110+ Central American migrants scaling border wall

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Officials with the United States Customs and Border Protection in Arizona released a new video showing Central American migrants scaling a border wall in the Yuma sector.

According to a tweet made by officials on the verified Twitter account of CBP Arizona, officials say the migrants were arrested on Monday by Border Patrol agents. In a 55-second long video that was posted, , migrants were seen scaling the wall with the help of a human smuggling suspect who had a ladder. The suspect was then seen hauling the ladder away.

This video was posted just days after CBP officials say 376 Central American migrants were arrested and accused of illegally crossing the United States-Mexico Border. It also comes amidst a budget battle over the funding of President Donald Trump's border wall, which has triggered an ongoing partial government shutdown that is still ongoing, as of Wednesday.