Beverly Hills Unified expels five students after sharing AI-generated nude photos

The Beverly Hills Unified School District expelled five students after AI-generated nude photos were shared. 

School officials said 16 eighth-grade students at Beverly Vista Middle School were victimized by the fake nude photos.

The Beverly Hills Unified School District also cited five "egregiously involved eighth-grade students" in a statement Thursday evening, and the district's board of education voted to expel those five students at a special meeting Wednesday night.


The BHUSD "has officially completed all required actions pertaining to the incident," district officials said Thursday, though they noted that the Beverly Hills Police Department's investigation is ongoing.

School officials at the middle school first discovered the photos in mid-February. The photos allegedly superimposed the faces of students onto nude bodies that had been generated by AI, and those photos were then distributed to other students.

The district's statement said the incident has prompted discussions on the ethical use of technology, including AI.

"In adherence with California Education Code, we are limited in the details we can share about disciplinary actions, but it is crucial for our community to understand the seriousness with which we approach such matters," Superintendent Michael Bregy wrote. "Significant in this matter was the containment within twenty-four hours of the isolated incident regarding the involved parties. ... Furthermore, we recognize that kids are still learning and growing, and mistakes are part of this process. However, accountability is essential, and appropriate measures have been taken."