Best companies 2022: Linkedin unveils list of top companies to work for, Amazon ranks no. 1

FILE-The Amazon Lab126, a research and development company owned by, in Sunnyvale, California. David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The job market has been a rollercoaster during the pandemic, from employees leaving the workforce to the rise of remote and hybrid workplaces. While most companies have faced this type of adversity, some have found ways to stay afloat and thrive, and Linkedin is highlighting these organizations.

Linkedin unveiled its 2022 top companies list that ranks the 50 best workplaces for professionals to grow their careers. Amazon claimed the number one spot on the list released Wednesday.

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Rankings were made using Linkedin company data and ratings based on seven factors: the ability to advance, skills growth, company stability, external opportunity, company affinity, gender diversity, and educational background.

Here are the top 10 companies ranked by Linkedin. The full list of companies are available here

Linkedin top 10 companies for 2022

1) Amazon-Internet, tech industry, top U.S. locations: Seattle, San Francisco area, and New York City. 1,600,000 employees worldwide (1,100,000 in the U.S.) 

2) Alphabet-Information technology and services, top U.S. locations: San Francisco area, New York City, and Seattle. 156,000 employees globally. 

3) Wells Fargo-Financial services, top U.S. locations Charlotte, San Francisco, and Minneapolis. 247,000 employees globally (208, 700 in the U.S.) 

4) JP Morgan Chase & Co.-Financial services, top U.S. locations: New York City; Columbus, Ohio, and Chicago. 271,000 employees globally (170,000 in the U.S.)

5) Walmart-Retail, top U.S. locations: Fayetteville, Arkansas, Dallas, and Atlanta. 2,300,000 employees worldwide (with 1,600,000 in the U.S.)

6) IBM-Information Technology & Services, top U.S. locations: New York City; Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, and the San Francisco area. 250,000 employees globally.

7) AT&T-Telecommunications, top U.S. locations: Atlanta, Dallas, and New York City. Global employees-202,600.

8) Bank of America-Banking, top U.S. locations: New York City; Charlotte, and Dallas. Global employees 203,400 (161,700 in the U.S.)

9) Apple-Consumer Electronics, top U.S. locations: San Francisco area, Austin, Texas, and New York City. Global employees 154,000. 

10) Comcast-Telecommunications, top U.S. locations: Philadelphia, New York City, Los Angeles. Global employees 189,000 (130,000 in the U.S.) 

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According to Linkedin, the companies on the list also offer training, mentorships for employee growth, and flexibility and resources, including four-day work weeks, remote/hybrid workplaces, and mental health benefits.

"This year’s Top Companies are setting the bar with best-in-class ways to retain their employees, giving them the resources and tools to keep learning, growing, and advancing," Linkedin Editor-in-Chief Dan Roth said in a statement.

Roth added: "Investing in the long-term success of their workforce is what makes these companies really stand out, with dedicated programs to help their employees develop the skills they need to guide their careers, and benefits that support the growing need for work-life balance – things like four-day work weeks, free mental health services and paid sabbaticals."