Before the Super Bowl: A look at Space Center Houston

If you love the idea of exploring space, you're an adventurer or you have a love of the history of our incredible space program -- then Space Center Houston is the place to visit when you're in town.

There's a full scale model of a space shuttle you can walk through, on top of the actual 747 that was used to transport them.

There's an amazing exhibit about the Mars Mission, which is hoping to put men or women on Mars as early as 2030. There are moon rocks, there are space capsules, there are space suits, there is the International Space Station model (six astronauts are up there currently, 250 miles above earth), there are interactive displays.

I mean, I can go on and on.

Yes we have a space shuttle in Los Angeles, but you can't go into it and see it and walk around the cargo bay like you can at Space Center Houston.

It's the city's number one tourist attraction, and I understand why. And oh yes, they are having a football game here Sunday too!

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