Babies named Johnny Cash and June Carter born on same day at Alabama hospital

Nicole Davis and Sophie Clark both welcomed their babies, Johnny Cash Davis and June Carter Clark, on April 10 at Huntsville Hospital in Huntsville, Alabama. (Credit: Nicole Davis)

Two families in Alabama experienced the coincidence of a lifetime, when unbeknownst to each other, they welcomed babies named Johnny Cash and June Carter at the same hospital on the same day.

Moms Sophie Clark and Nicole Davis told FOX Television Stations they couldn’t resist meeting each other after learning that their babies were named after the late singer-songwriters. 

"I was so excited when I heard!," Clark, 22, told FOX. "I told my husband and family that I had to go find this baby! It was too big of a coincidence not to."

David added: "When I heard, I thought it was a bizarre coincidence, for sure." 


LEFT: Johnny Cash Davis, RIGHT: June Carter Clark. (Credit: Nicole Davis, Sophie Clark)

The Clarks welcomed their first child and daughter June Carter Clark on April 10 at Huntsville Hospital, just down the hallway from where the Davis family welcomed their son Johnny Cash Davis.

Clark said the family landed on the name June Carter Clark because they loved the name June and since her husband’s first name is Carter.

"My husband’s reply was, ‘like THE June Carter?,’" she said, laughing. 

Davis, 44, told FOX she and her husband knew they wanted to name their son Johnny after her husband, but they went back and forth on different middle names. Ultimately, they plan to call their son Cash.

"We didn’t pick the name just because Johnny Cash, the musician, is a legend, but we decided that Cash was an awesome name for a son. You always worry about people making fun of your kid’s name, but we felt like, ‘Nah – people won’t mess with a dude named Cash!’"

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Clark and Davis said they have made plans to meet up again and give their babies a chance to become friends. 

"We plan to take the babies to Nashville to get some pictures at the Grand Ole Opry where the real Johnny and June met," Clark shared, concluding, "These sweet babies will have a story to share forever now!" 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.