Asian Corned Beef customer & employee brawl in Detroit

You can order beef or have it boil over.

Both were the case at the Asian Corned Beef restaurant on Gratiot near Six Mile in Detroit where a brawl broke out on camera.

"You heard people saying pretty much, I want to beat them up and they wanted refunds on their food," said Kiersten Cheateum. "They were trying, I guess, to get the dude behind the counter."

Customers broke out their phones as an argument between a customer and worker erupted into brawl. Police say the manager also got involved because the customer refused to leave.

"When he opened the door it pretty much broke loose," said Cheateum. "They went towards the door tussling, three or four of them jumped on them. To me it just shows a bunch of ignorance."

You can see video of the brawl in the video player above.

FOX 2 caught up with customers ordering take out Wedneday. Needless to say, they're disappointed the corned beef joint they love is getting airtime for all the wrong reasons.

"I come in here frequently, at least once a week to get some egg rolls," said Cheateum. "Usually, there are no problems. I come in, I get my food and I'm out of here within a couple of minutes."

Police say the manager refused medical treatment and did not want to make a report. FOX 2 reached out to him but we have not yet received a response.