Artist makes the front of his home into an art exhibit

It's the most unlikely place to find an art exhibit.....the front of a home.

One West L.A. man has turned his front yard into a gallery. His biggest customers are commuters.

"I have 50 paintings in my garage, so I figured lets let people see it," said Russo.

Michael Russo says several times a day, drivers or walkers on Bundy Drive will stop by, wanting to buy one of his pieces.

"Every day at least 5-6 people stop and my door will be ajar a little bit and they'll say hello hello," said Russo.

Russo says he's been painting since he was five, but only decided to put up his artwork three years ago.

So far, the pieces have never been vandalized or targeted.

"I had friends of mine that said I was insane for leaving it out overnight, they bet me money it would be destroyed within a week. And I've had it out for 3 years and no one has ever touched it," said Russo.

Each of the pieces go from $75-$300.