Armed children use scooters to commit crimes around Atlanta

Children are traveling together on scooters are toting guns in their backpacks.

Atlanta leaders say the weapons -- which they are too young to carry -- are not for protection but for criminal activity. 

In the Grant Park community, south of Downtown Atlanta, a video shows one encounter.

Gunshots were recorded after an apparent car break-in was stopped.

A construction staffer working during daylight hours saw scooter riders stop off at a vehicle.

Before they could break in, a worker came over to see what was going on and was met by gunfire.

Several youngsters quickly rode off.

Jason Winston, a councilman from the area, drafted legislation calling on the scooter operators to restrict who can rent one of the devices. The age limit, Winston says, should be sixteen-years of age. 

The councilman is also pushing for an age verification tool, so children cannot get a scooter without being monitored by an adult.