Area woman makes jewelry out of breast milk

"I know what it's like to breast feed," said Bridgette Boudreaux. "And I know what an amazing time in my life it's been."

And Boudreaux wanted a constant reminder of that time. That's how she came up with making a piece of jewelry using her own breast milk.

"When I touch my jewelry it brings a piece of calm over me," said Boudreaux.

Boudreaux admits when people first hear she makes jewelry out of breast milk their first reaction is usually yuck.

"Actually, I live the genuine reaction because you can see the confusion on their face," Boudreaux said. "This is a piece I'm wearing right here I had no idea that was breast milk."

Women from all over the world are seeing her Facebook page and also wanting something indelible to remember their breast feeding experience.

"For a lot of women, breast feeding is a struggle that they've overcome," said Boudreaux. "They really want to wear it proudly. I did this."

Boudreaux says it took about a year of trial and error to come up with the process she uses.

"I have ones from when I started that started to turn brown or yellow, so I really needed to combat that. So I found the perfect additive to preserve the breast milk," Boudreaux said. "It's no longer in liquid form."

Customers send her about half an ounce of breast milk and some 10 weeks later they have a ring necklace or earrings made from their own milk.

They can share what the jewelry is made of or keep it to themselves.

Boudreaux also makes jewelry out of cremated ashes.

"I really feel for my customers," Boudreaux said. "Every piece has a unique story and I take that seriously."