April Millsap sent chilling text to boyfriend before her murder

Day two of testimony in the trial of a murdered Armada teenager includes cell phone data and a chilling text message.

"I think I almost got kidnapped," was the message sent from 14-year-old April Millsap's phone moments before her murder.

She was killed while walking her dog along the Macomb Orchard Trail in July of 2014. 34-year-old James VanCallis is charged with first degree murder, kidnapping and attempted sexual assault.

Prosecutors say he stomped Millsap to death after he dragged her into the woods and tried to rape her.

On the second day of trial the prosecution called an FBI phone and computer expert to retrace April's steps using her fitness app and Google earth.

The data shows the movements on April's phone before, during, and after her murder. The prosecution is alleging VanCallis dumped her belongings, including the phone, following the murder.

Also on the stand, Michigan State Police Sgt. Ray Patrick, the first to interview VanCallis following April's murder. He testified VanCallis was friendly at first, but says after asking for a written statement, "He [VanCallis] was yelling at me."

VanCallis has admitted to police he was in Armada on the day of the murder riding his motorcycle.

The defense argues the times on the GPS times from April's phone aren't an exact match to the times the cell phone carrier provided. They also point to a lack of physical evidence connecting VanCallis to the scene.

The trial will resume on Friday, Jan. 22.