Antelope Valley mom finds missing son's car in CA Aqueduct

A missing teen's car has been pulled out of the California Aqueduct in Littlerock. His family says the Dodge pulled from the water is definitely Gustavo Santana's car. They also told investigators they believe the body inside it was his, although, the CHP requires a positive ID from the Coroner.

Gustavo Santana's cousin, Bertha Morales, says she recognizes the car because the handle is missing. She thinks something sinister happened. But,to the CHP it may have been speed - perhaps mixed with distraction or dozing off.

Officer Monique Mischeaux told reporters at the scene, "If the speed was enough and the vehicle had enough momentum prior to the vehicle hitting the (fence) post can actually, for lack of a better term, launch the vehicle up and over the fence.." and into the water.

After getting word from aqueduct workers that a car might be submerged in the water divers were bought in. The car was dragged to a point where it could be raised.

"It's actually a tragedy," said a colleague at a nearby McDonald's where he worked part-time. Sunday, he was supposed to report for a 9 a.m. shift. A shift supervisor told us, "He called in. He let the manager in charge know that he was going to be 5 minutes late, but never showed up for his shift."

As one day went into the next, fellow workers became increasingly worried. some even helped the family put up fliers hoping someone would see him. But, the lack of a sighting devastated the family especially Santana's mom who found the submerged car during her latest search. Bertha Morales put it this way, Santana's "mother is devastated. She hasn't been resting… eating… nothing."

The investigation continues.

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