Anne Heche: California salon owner details seeing actress an hour before fiery car crash

A California salon owner was one of the last people to see Anne Heche before her fiery car crash last Friday.

Richard Glass — owner of Glass Hair in Venice, California, located approximately two miles from where the car crash happened — told Fox News Digital that the actress appeared to be "normal" and not intoxicated.

When Fox News Digital asked Glass if Heche seemed off, he responded with: "No, she did not."

"I use a phrase… if someone's speaking in cursive, that means… they're a little loopy. They're a little off or intoxicated, and she wasn't," Glass remarked. 

"She was very polite, very cordial, and very, very pleasant."

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Heche, 53, was driving a blue Mini Cooper last week when she first crashed into a garage of an apartment complex in Los Angeles. Shortly after, she crashed her car again into a nearby home in Mar Vista and ignited a fire.

Glass noted that the actress visited his hair salon looking at wigs and was interested in buying some products. He added that her demeanor was "normal."

"We had great conversation… she was very present and alert," Glass detailed.

"I didn't smell any alcohol… or anything."

He continued to describe their encounter, during which he rang her up for a purchase of a red wig and a few hair products.

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"She cups my face and asked if we've worked together prior to, and I was like, ‘No, I would have remembered working with you,’" Glass said. 

Heche responded to the salon owner and said, "Well, you just have a very beautiful face."

Glass mentioned he did not see the actress drive off after exiting the salon. 

The California salon owner said he started to receive phone alerts moments later, after posting a selfie with Heche, and saw reports of the shocking car crash. 

Glass continued to recount his interaction with Heche.

"It wasn't even 10 minutes, she was just a lovely… girl," he recalled. 

"When she walked in… she was just very polite, cajoling, present… I'm just praying for her and… the families of all involved."

The "Six Days, Seven Nights" star remains in a coma following the incident and is in "extreme critical condition," her rep confirmed to Fox News Digital. 

Police are investigating Heche for driving under the influence after the chaotic car crash.

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