Anaheim dad pleads for kidnapped daughter's release

The father of kidnapping victim Brianne Deese publicly pleaded with her alleged captor, who is suspected of fatally shooting a man in an Anaheim motel this week, to turn himself in.

Police said Saturday that they located the Luke Theodore Lampers' car-- a 2011 orange Nissan Cube-- in Cerritos, but there is still no sign of him or Brianne Deese.

David Deese, father of Brianne, who police believe is being held against her will, asked Lampers, a 35-year-old transient, to let Brianne go.

``Please let my daughter go,'' David Deese said at a news conference at Anaheim police headquarters. ``She means the world to me and I need have her back.''

David Deese noted that Lampers apparently ``has a small child,'' and appealed to him as a father.

``Nothing is stronger than a parent's love,'' David Deese said.

David Deese said his 23-year-old daughter is ``extremely smart,'' but she took ``a path to drugs at an early age'' and that it was ``very hard tofind her help that she would take.''

Brianne Deese's ``drug of choice'' was heroin, her father said.

Lampers is suspected of gunning down 49-year-old Douglas Navarro Wednesday night at Crystal Inn, 2123 W. Lincoln Ave., according to Anaheim police Sgt. Daron Wyatt.

Navarro's mother, Linda Navarro, said her son was living at the motel, where she lives and works as a maid and in maintenance.

``I guess I would say he thought he was superman and could save the world,'' Linda Navarro said of her son. ``Especially a woman or a girl. He would step in.''

Brianne Deese was staying with someone at the motel and apparently left with Lampers and returned sometime later, Wyatt said. She was trying to get into a room where she was staying to retrieve some personal effects when
Navarro intervened to say she wasn't registered at the motel as a guest in that room, Wyatt said.

Lampers apparently saw an animated discussion between the two and allegedly shot Navarro, Wyatt said.

Then Lampers -- at gunpoint -- told Brianne Deese to leave with him, Wyatt said.

``He is considered armed and dangerous,'' Wyatt said. ``If you see him call 911 no matter where you're at.''

Wyatt advised Lampers that ``the best course of action is to turn yourself in.''

He is considered armed and dangerous and anyone who sees him should call 911 immediately, Wyatt said.