Alexa Rick-Roll prank backfires on Nisswa Police night shift

The night shift officers at the Nisswa Police Department decided to play a little prank on their sergeant, who was showing off his new Amazon Echo in his office. The officers decided to "Rick Roll" Sgt. Brandon Rothwell by shouting through the door, requesting Alexa to play Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" on repeat. WATCH VIDEO

An officer then prompted Alexa to turn the volume up to 8. That's when the prank backfired. With the song playing at repeat on high volume, Alexa couldn't hear the officer's commands to stop playing the music.

"On an unrelated note, Sergeant Rothwell, if you're reading this, we need your office keys," said a post on the Nisswa Police Department Facebook page.

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Nisswa is in the Brainerd Lakes area of north central Minnesota, about 135 miles north of Minneapolis.