Activists demand criminal prosecution against LAPD officer who struck suspect strapped into gurney

Activists are demanding action after an LAPD officer was seen on video striking a suspect on a gurney.

The incident happened Saturday, off 2nd Street in San Fernando, when LAPD and LA Fire responded to a crashed SUV. Two suspected carjackers were being detained and put in gurneys for treatment.

Video shows one complying with officers. The other suspect was combative, screaming, resisting, and spitting, but he was restrained as were officers in the video. It’s near the end, when the suspect is tied to the ambulance gurney that an officer reacts, seemingly to being spat at.

"He got what was coming to him" said one witness who, like most in the neighborhood, do not want to be identified. Not because they are afraid of police, but because they don’t want to get in the middle of a situation where they may disagree with the officer’s punch, but seem somewhat sympathetic to the outcome.

"That’s no excuse," Robert Saucedo, CEO of Community Builds said. He is one of the activists calling for the arrest of the officer.

The LAPD officer was suspended pending an investigation.

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Activist Najee Ali commends LAPD Chief Michael Moore for immediately denouncing the incident, but adds that LA County George Gascón should prosecute the officer, even have him arrested immediately.

"We want to commend LAPD Chief Moore for coming forward and suspending this officer immediately. It was LAPD who actually released the videotape, which in my 30 years of activism is unheard of. Now it’s up to DA Gascon to do to the right thing and hold this officer responsible, prosecute him and put him in jail where he belongs," Ali stated.

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Gascón has not issued a statement but his office says they are looking at the incident.

"The images in the video are deeply disturbing and while we must wait for the investigation to be completed, the Department will act swiftly in any instance of excessive or unnecessary force," Chief of Police Michel Moore stated.     

The suspects nor the officer have been identified. 

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