A Teen Journalist On One Of America's Favorite Music Tours

Priscilla Gomez was IN at the last SoCal stop on the Vans Warped Tour. The 14-year-old won't be in the San Diego audience. She'll be backstage. She'll be with the bands. The Diamond Bar teen got into one of America's great music festivals as a photo-journalist.

This is the Vans Warped Tour's 21st summer. The 2015 tour has made its way across the country before a final stop in London. Founder Kevin Lyman boasts its "America's largest touring music festival." At the Pomona launch there were eight stages. Warped Tour - Official Site vanswarpedtour.com

Lyman takes pride in breaking new bands. Among the big name's now who've graced the stages: Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani, Blink 182.(see video for Lyman interview)

Gomez is an up-and-coming reporter/photographer. Her Instagram page FBE_PRISCELLA reads @FULLBROADCAST "Just a kid with a mic and a few questions."

Gomez was at the tour's launch date at the Pomona Fairgrounds on June 19th. She's been collecting photos from photog friends and posting on social network sites ever since. On August 5th she'll trek down to San Diego as the tour is about to come to a close.

I met Gomez at a music event in downtown L.A. I was impressed. The kid was there, mic ready, with her own step-and-repeat. I thought, Rolling Stone Magazine, look out!

Gomez's dad Rene says, even at eight years old she was an entrepreneur. Dad works in media and is helping her make the San Diego shoot. They're an example of the many parents who attend with their kids. The Vans Warped Tour lets parents in for free making it quite the family affair.

My Q&A with teen journalist Priscilla Gomez

Q. How'd you take an interest in the Van's Warped Tour?

A. A lot of friends have gone and told me it was really cool. I actually knew a lot of the bands through social media and friends recommended me.

Q. Name some favorite bands. Founder Kevin Lyman tells me by next year some of these bands will be household names.

A. Pierce the Veil, As It Is, Pvris.

Q. You'll be a sophomore in high school. How do you describe yourself?

A. Photographer and reporter. I like to take pictures at any venue I go to.

Q. How did you get so interested in music?

A. A friend's parents who listen to Blink182, Good Charlotte.

Q. How did you get started as journalist?

A. I met this girl at a concert. She lived in Arizona. She asked me if I wanted to interview a band called False Puppet. I was actually a fan. We interviewed them. Posted the video on Youtube. I decided to branch off on my own.

Q. What is it you want to do?

A. The dream would be to have FULLBROADCAST as its own channel. I'd have band features, a forum for music.

Q. How would you compete with sites already out there, Revolt, Fuse?

A. I like being in control. I don't want to work for someone. I want to create something new. I want it to be where people can find music.

Q. What is it you love about music?

A. Silence is boring. I always have to be listening to music.

Q. And meeting the bands?

A. You would think these rock people are really rude, or mean, or kinda sketchy. There are a lot of nice people there. I meet so many friends at concerts.

Q. Who's your dream interview?

A. I have two. Blink-182, cause I've loved them for so long. Twenty One Pilots.

Q. What was your take-away from the Warped Tour?

A. I really want to do more photography. Seeing all the photographers in the pit, they were really having a fun time. It's harder than a lot of people think it is. When you get that really good shot, it's like wow.

Q. My story is on founder Kevin Lyman who really is a legend in the festival circuit.

A. Oh geez, I know. He wanted to be a teacher. Music was part time for him. What I think is really great… he has an entertainment institute, band members, Youtubers, that teach you how to make it. They like, give you tips. They're pretty small classes. I got four or five questions in. I learned a lot from it.

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