A New California: New health screening technology that may be implemented at major venues nationwide

“A New California" looks at new health screening technology that you could soon experience at major venues locally and nationwide.

Imagine you've arrived at Staples Center or the Los Angeles International Airport and before you're allowed in or cleared to fly, you have to get your temperature checked to make sure you're healthy.            

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That’s where DetectWise comes in.            

The mobile touchless kiosk is developed by an engineering company, Parsons.            

The kiosk uses sensors and cameras to measure body temperature, heart, and respiration rates.            

Parsons says it could become part of the boarding process.           

Passengers who do register a temperature or show symptoms would be directed to a modular testing site where they’d be tested for COVID-19.

Health officials would then determine if the passenger would be cleared to fly.“If you look back to 9-11, when we didn't have security screening, it's almost like that,” says Carey Smith, President, and Chief Operating Officer at Parsons.

“No security screening existed then. Today we don't have health screening; this is just going to become another step in the process.           

Parsons also provided a video that shows how the technology would be implemented at a construction site or any work field site.           

Smith says Parsons is in talks with sporting events venues and parking garages, as well.“I would say any public gathering you can anticipate, there will be some type of testing being performed,” says Smith.

DetectWise will soon be rolled out as a pilot program at a major international airport.           

Smith says Parsons will make that announcement in the coming days.