A look inside the LA Sheriff's Special Enforcement Bureau

Anytime there is a situation that is dangerous and out of control in LA County, the Sheriff's Special Enforcement Bureau is called to the scene.

On the team, you'll find members with a lot of years of experience and technology that is pretty amazing. The SEB has different details like: SWAT, Bomb Squad, K-9, Hazmat & Emergency Paramedic Specialists.

Sheriff's Deputy Rick Hernandez says, "We use a lot of tactics that work for us and keep us safe. We use a lot of technology and throughout the course of my career here, technology has changed quite a bit."

Some of those changes in technology include robots that can disarm suspects. It happened on September 8th, 2016 in Lancaster. Lt. Kevin Brown says, "It was a situation where a gentleman committed numerous crimes and barricaded himself in the middle of the desert in an area where it was really hard to get to him."

The Air Unit was able to report to the deputies on the ground that the suspect had a weapon. For six hours, the special weapons team tried to get the suspect to surrender. They eventually sent in the robot. It rolled in quietly grabbed the suspects rifle and rolled out without the suspect noticing.

Lt. Sue Burakowski says, "He was distracted because he was looking at the SWAT team members in the armored vehicle next to him and also having the helicopter overhead with all the noise."

This unit doesn't just go after the bad guys. The rescue helicopter is often launched when someone is stranded and in need of help.

Whether it be rescuing someone or apprehending a dangerous suspect, the ultimate goal is to make sure everyone is safe.

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