A call for help for bobcat kittens

Wildlife experts in the Northeast San Fernando Valley say they have reason to believe there are recently orphaned bobcat kittens in the Shadow Hills neighborhood. Dana Stangel, from Teranga Ranch, a wildlife education organization in the area, explains that people could hear kitten noises and find something that looks like the photos they have provided.

She has been in contact with California Fish and Wildlife, after a dead bobcat was found in the area recently. The female, which seemed to have been nursing says Stangel, may have been shot. The kittens won't survive on their own.

So, they are asking people in the neighborhood, which is South of the 210 Freeway, East of Lakeview Terrace, to check their properties. "They need specialized, wildlife rescue help, they have different needs than a domestic kitten" she adds, "we work with a licensed rehabber and can do what is necessary."

Bobcats may represent a nuisance to people who keep chickens, which might explain the possibility of someone shooting one; but "we have many, many humane ways of dealing with troublesome wildlife, and will work with people for free! These animals are part of an important ecosystem that helps everyone, even those who have chickens, rabbits and cats."

They also will help people figure out how to protect their small pets more efficiently, "We would much rather reimburse you for your chicken and help you build a secure coop to protect your animals against ALL outdoor predators" she finally explains.

You can contact Teranga Ranch at 818-305-4377 or info@terangaranch.org.

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