911 Call Lands Grandma in Jail for DUI

FOX 5 News has obtained the 911 call that landed a Thomaston grandmother in jail for driving under the influences as well as other traffic violations.

Senoia Police said a store clerk called 911 after the woman's daughter begged him to help get her mother off the road because she was "too drunk to drive," according the report.

Donna Dodgen, 52, has been charged with DUI and endangering a child under 14 with DUI. The store clerk told the 911 operator: "The old lady is supposed to be driving. They say she is drunk and ain't listening, running off the road."

Senoia Police pulled over the woman's car a short distance from the store where the call was placed. Dash cam video provided to FOX 5 shows Dodgen performing was officers described to us as a field sobriety test, which she failed according to them.

In a second part of the 911 recording the clerk said: "Her granddaughters are coming in here and eh are all fussing and fighting and all upset trying to get back to Thomaston. And they say she is not listening and running off the road."