75-year-old Westminster woman can't retire due to government shutdown

A 75-year-old FAA employee is unable to pay her bills and unable to retire as the government shutdown is well into a third week.

"It's like we are being held hostage," said Jean King as she watched President Trump address the nation.

King has worked for the Federal Aviation Administration for 55 years.

"I love my job - but if I do not serve the public, I don't feel fulfilled," said King.

The Westminster resident has held numerous positions under the F.A.A., including positions in Air Traffic Control, Legal and Air Craft Certification. King says she has lived through furloughs under previous presidents, but this one feels different.

"There is no end in sight," King said. " I am sorry but he [President Trump] doesn't care about all the people who are out of work and who are not going to get paid," said King.

In January she had planned to retire from her job but she is unable to retire until she is called back to work.

"I just had to borrow money from my neighbor," said King.

Her son Michael says her utilities were turned off Tuesday Morning.

"As of now, we only have $28 in her account. What's that going to do to feed us. What's that going to do to pay the bills. My mom can't retire. She can't access funds for retirement or pension. So how is she supposed to pay for anything," said Michael King.