7-year-old girl gets 1,000 stitches after being attacked by dog at animal rescue in SoCal

Authorities say 7-year-old girl needed 1,000 stitches after a dog bit her face during a visit to a private animal rescue in Southern California.

The Riverside County Department of Animal Services said Saturday that the 2-year-old male Akita lunged and bit the girl at the facility in Romoland.

The dog involved in the attack was from a Los Angeles-area shelter and had been in that shelter for about a month before it was rescued by the Romoland-based group in early February.

The girl was at the kennel with her family, hoping to adopt a dog.

The child is recovering after undergoing three hours of surgery.

Animal services said the girl was with her family, hoping to adopt a dog.

Due to the severity of the attack, Animal Services is working to have the dog put down.

"It is crucial that we protect the public from dogs that may not be suitable for adoptions," Animal Services Director Allan Drusys said. "We respect all of our rescue partners very much. These groups are helping us save lives. But it's critical that everyone recognize that some breeds may not be a good pet, especially for households with children."