7-Year-Old Girl Fighting Cancer Gets to Meet Taylor Swift

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A little girl fighting brain cancer got to meet her hero, Taylor Swift, Tuesday night thanks to a summer-long social media campaign using the hashtag #TaylorMeetJordan.

It's a hashtag the local fox station in Kansas City, MO has been publishing since they met 7-year-old Jordan and her family this past spring.

With their help over the past few months, the hashtag has been tweeted, shared on Facebook and Instagrammed thousands of times--eventually catching the attention of Taylor Swift herself.

On Tuesday, Little Jordan's dream became a reality.

From hashtag Taylor "meet" Jordan, to hashtag Taylor "met" Jordan, the cancer patient met Taylor Swift before her second sold-out concert at Sprint Center.

The family is calling the event a true blessing.

Tiny and timid, 7-year-old Jordan Overcast hopped out of a donated black limousine to get her and her family from Harrisonville to the Fox4 studio in Kansas City.

"We are very blessed," Jordan's Grandmother, Donna Overcast, says. "Jordan is a star, and she's a bright light in everybody's life. I just love it."

While fighting brain cancer, Jordan has always kept her spirits high thanks to the person she calls her hero--Taylor Swift.

When her grandmother delivered the ultimate news, the look on Jordan's face was priceless.

"Jordan will not understand it until she actually sees her in person. She just won't," Overcast says.

Taylor finally met Jordan and her family is forever grateful to those who made it happen.

"Just getting on there and seeing all the hash tags for #TaylorMeetJordan has been overwhelming. I don't even know what to say except thank you to everybody," Overcast says.