49 states allow beauty salons to operate indoors, but California still doesn't

Santa Clarita Mayor Cameron Smyth spent Tuesday afternoon reassuring business owners in the beauty industry that the worst is almost over.

“The data is very clear that we are going to start seeing a lot of counties get taken off that watch list,” he said.

In 49 states, beauty salons are up and running. In California, they can only operate outdoors.

With the weather California's been having, hairstylists say it’s been downright brutal.

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“It gets up to 100, 115 degrees in Santa Clarita," said Andre Marquez of Commonwealth Barbershop. "You have people sweating in your chair, you’re sweating yourself and you’re sweating on each other, it’s just not smart.”  

Wearing their facial coverings and practicing social distancing — the hairstylists asked Mayor Smyth for help.

They don’t believe beauty salons are categorized appropriately.

“Our entire goal today was to get out of Category 3, it is the most restrictive. We’re there with bars, gyms and restaurants and schools," said  Amy Miller from Blume Salon.

Osiris Pastor of Kranium Stylesz Barbershop agrees.

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She said, “We just want to be taken off that category where we are now because we are the most sanitary industry. We are trained to prevent the spread of disease.”  

While Mayor Smyth is sympathetic to their request, he said he has no authority to reclassify an entire industry.

“Ultimately, these orders are coming down from the state of California," said Smyth. "So what the City of Santa Clarita can do is advocate for our business owners.” 

It’s not an immediate fix but these business owners see it as a step in the right direction.

“It does give me hope, only because he’s on our side and he knows many other politicians who are on our side and it’s nice to hear that they’re hearing us and our words aren’t falling on deaf ears,” said Jenn Boyd.

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