200K educators, school staff vaccinated across California in past week

California has been pushing hard for teachers to get vaccinated so they can return to classrooms for in-person learning.

On Monday, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that 200,000 educators across the state have been vaccinated in the past week alone. This comes after the state vowed to allocate 10% of its vaccine supply to K-12 educators and school staff. 

The state set a target goal of vaccinating 75,000 educators per week and has already exceeded that. 

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"This is welcome news for teachers, students and parents as more and more schools reopen safely across the state," said Newsom. "We will continue working with our local partners to accelerate this effort in communities across the state so that all school staff has access to a vaccine within weeks."

Last week, the governor signed a $6.6 billion deal to safely reopen California schools, which includes a $2 billion incentive divided among schools that resume in-person learning by the end of the month.