2 Banning students arrested for alleged shooting plot

Trish Ramos' 15-year-old son David is one of two Banning High School students arrested for making criminal threats against the school.

Ramos characterizes what happened as a misunderstanding and wants to make sure her son's side of the story is told.

"I don't see him taking a gun to school and shooting up the school," she told FOX 11 on Tuesday.

Ramos first learned of the incident around 9 p.m. Monday when a school resource officer came knocking at her door.

"She tells me that there was text messages from my son to another child and he was making terrorist threats to bring a gun to school and to shoot up the school," she said.

David wasn't home then, but came home an hour later. He and Ramos went to the Banning Police Department to clear his name, but the situation did not go as they planned.

"As soon as we walked in they handcuffed him, and they started searching him. Me, being a mother, I started freaking out," she explained.

Banning Police chief Alejandro Diaz explained officials take any possible threat very seriously.

"Any comments that are made that threaten the integrity of the students and the schools, we're going to act swiftly and efficiently," Diaz said.

Ramos said her son explained that the other boy who was also arrested started joking with him about a Facebook meme related to school shooters.

"He said, 'that's going to be you, David.' He said, 'that's gonna be you after you're done being bullied and picked on so much. You're gonna be one of those kids that comes to the school to shoot up the school,'" Ramos said.

According to Ramos, a female student overheard that conversation and told a teacher.

"David never said anything for number one, and number two, the kid was joking around and I don't think he realized how serious that joke was," Ramos said.

David Ramos has been the target of school bullies, Ramos told FOX 11. She criticized the school and the police department's handling of the incident.

"They should've pulled them into the office immediately, searched the kids, questioned the kids and said, 'this is what was said. Did you guys say this, did you guys do this.' I don't understand why they waited and let the kids continue to go to four more classes and not show up here until 9 o'clock at night," she said.

The school sent out a recorded message Tuesday afternoon alerting parents about what happened and informing them of the arrests. They said all students at Banning High School are now safe.

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