In Depth: Stealing Copper, 'California Dream for All'

In segment one, Councilmember Kevin de León joins Hal to talk about the task force he is working to establish to investigate the rash of copper wire thefts plaguing Los Angeles. 

De León says that thieves have made off with miles of wire from the 6th Street bridge, among other places, leaving it in partial darkness. The councilman wants to make sure that not only are the thieves brought to justice, but the recycling centers that buy the stolen materials are held accountable.

In segment two, Tony Olmos, the Public Works director in Pasadena, explains to Hal that city’s approach to the copper thefts. He says they are offering a reward for people who offer information to catch the thieves.

Olmos also brings us up to date on the seismic retrofitting of the shuttered Pasadena Central Library, and the attempt to put barriers on the Colorado Street Bridge to help prevent people from jumping off.

In segment three, real estate expert Suzanne Seini joins Hal to talk about the 2024 California Dream for All program, which will provide up to 20% of the price of a home for a down payment. 

She tells us how that program will work and who is qualified to apply when those applications open in April.