In Depth: Helicopter news coverage, 25 years of the Melrose Trading Post, Descanso Art Garden

Segment One:

Hal is joined by SkyFox reporter Stu Mundel to talk about the changes in helicopter reporting over the years.  Hal features a story on helicopter reporter Zoey Tur, who had groundbreaking coverage during the Los Angeles riots in 1992. Mundel talks about the advancement in helicopter technology, from advanced GPS ability, to the development in camera zoom technology. Mundel talks about the stories that have affected him most as a reporter.

Segment Two: 

Pierson Blaetz and Whitney Weston, the founders of the Melrose Trading Post, join Hal to talk about the 25th anniversary of the beloved swap meet. They say when they originally created it, it was supposed to be a one-time event, but grew into a weekly event that has benefited the arts at Fairfax High School for two and a half decades.

Blaetz and Weston tell us about the vendors, performers and artists who value the Trading Post, and how it has become an example for other schools.

Segment Three:

Jennifer Errico, Descanso Gardens Marketing Manager, tells Hal about the new interactive art exhibit at Descanso Gardens.

The installation is called "Your (Un)natural Garden," and features walk-through and touchable exhibits throughout the gardens and at the Sturt Haaga Gallery and Boddy House. The colorful and fun exhibits are designed to surprise guests and activate all their senses, and run through next January.


We end with Hal promoting his podcast and another walk through the garden art installation.