In Depth: Dr. Lucy Jones discusses the recent earthquakes and her new podcast

Segment A: Dr. Jones’ new podcast

Dr. Lucy Jones and John Bwarie, the Deputy Director of the Lucy Jones Center for Science and Society have launched a new podcast this month. It is intended to share solid scientific information to calm the public during these chaotic times. That podcast called “Getting through it” is available here:

Segment B: The Center for Science and Society

Jones and Bwarie discuss Dr. Jones’ new project after retiring from the USGS.   The Dr. Lucy Jones Center for Science and Society works to help train young scientists, and it helps use science to give businesses and governments a foundational tool for decision-making and policy creation.
Segment C: Earthquakes

Dr. Jones talks with Hal about recent local earthquakes and the way the “shake alert” app responded to a quake on Wednesday. They also discussed the recent large quake in Mexico. Jones says that quakes should not provoke as much fear as they  do, if people are prepared.
Segment D: Wrapup

Jones discusses the threat of climate change and explains her musical composition “In Nomine Terra Calens” or “In the Name of a Warming Earth.” Jones performs the piece on the viol.

She explains that is is a musical creation based on data about rising global temperatures.  The piece has been set to video demonstrating the change in climate over time. 
You can experience the whole piece here: