In Depth: Aphasia, sideshows, student loans

Segment One:      

Hal is joined by Roberta Elman, Founder and President of Aphasia Center of California.  Elman explains the disorder that we recently learned afflicts Bruce Willis.  She tells us some of the different types of aphasia, their causes and how they can potentially be treated.  She says most forms of aphasia allow for some level of recovery, and that those living with aphasia can still have rich and meaningful lives.

Segment Two: 

Assemblyman Vince Fong (R-Kern Co.) talks to Hal about legislation to help combat street racing and sideshows.  The incidence of these dangerous car stunts keeps increasing despite attempts to quell them.  He talks about Assembly bill 3, signed into law just months ago, which allows for the drivers licenses of offenders to be taken away.

Fong also wants more money for enforcement to be added to the California Highway Patrol budget.  He says that efforts are being made to find alternatives for racers other than the streets.

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Segment Three: 

Student loan and higher education expert Michael Kitchen joins Hal to talk about student loans.  The hiatus on repaying federal student loans has been extended again, but Kitchen says that there are options for student loan forgiveness currently in place.

One program for public service employees has recently been made much more accessible to applicants.  He advises student loan recipients to discuss their situation with their lenders to see if they are eligible for any exemption programs.

Segment Four:

Hal promotes his podcast, and we end with a look at folks meditating with sloths at a Florida rescue.

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