Winter storm to bring heavy snow, freezing rain across much of US, National Weather Service says

A series of winter storms will create hazardous conditions Thursday and into the weekend for many parts of the country.

The National Weather Service reported that snow will accumulate in dozens of areas from the West Coast to the East Coast. Many parts will also experience moderate to heavy rain.

Heavy snow is expected in the Upper Midwest, Great Lakes area, interior northeast, northern New England, the Cascades and the Sierras, according to NWS.

These areas could see as much as 4 to 8 inches of snow and a foot is possible in isolated areas of the northeast. Some isolated areas of the Cascades could see a foot and a half, while the Olympic Mountains will get as much as 2 feet.

A mix of rain and snow is also expected, especially south of heavier snowfalls along the coastal Mid-Atlantic and southern New England. Freezing rain could also affect the Southern Plains into the mid-Mississippi Valley and the Mid-Atlantic region.

There is also a slight risk of excessive rainfall for the Mid-South from northeastern Oklahoma through Missouri and into central Illinois, the weather service reported.

The chilly conditions could cause slippery roads and scattered power outages.

The weather service also predicts blowing snow in the eastern Dakotas, western and southern Minnesota, northern Iowa and some areas where snow doesn’t often fall.

By Friday morning, a low-pressure system will develop over the Central Plans, move into the Midwest and bring strong weather conditions into the Great Lakes by Saturday. As the system moves through those areas, snow, rain and freezing rain are expected.