Milwaukee gas station shooting, 17-year-old killed, 3 charged

Three Milwaukee men are charged in connection with a fatal shooting that happened at a gas station near 7th and Keefe Nov. 1. A 17-year-old boy was killed. Police used surveillance to identify the men, and they were able to do it quickly because the video is high-quality.

Darrell Brooks' sentencing Nov 15-16, he 'plans to appeal'

Darrell Brooks will be sentenced on Nov. 15-16 following his conviction on 76 charges in connection with the Waukesha Christmas parade attack in November 2021. He did not address an appeal in court Monday when sentencing was scheduled, but in a letter Friday, he said he intends to do so.

Darrell Brooks trial: Jury selected, more disruptions from defendant

The court empaneled a 16-member jury Tuesday in the Darrell Brooks trial; 10 men, six women, all white. This, after Brooks refused to cooperate with the peremptory challenge process, and the court clerk had pick random juror numbers to be stricken from a tumbler on Brooks' behalf.

Kenosha LEGO home sold; only on market for 2 days

The housing market has been extremely hot in the last year or so. But who could have imagined a house with a distinctly LEGO theme would hit the market – and sell quite as fast as it did.