The Issue Is Podcast: Kara Swisher

This week, Elex is joined by Kara Swisher as the legendary tech journalist discusses motherhood and her bestseller "Burn Book."

The Issue Is Podcast: Nicole Shanahan

Elex Michaelson goes one-on-one with Nicole Shanahan for her first TV sit-down since being named Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s running mate.

The Issue Is Podcast: Katie Couric, Brian Wallach, Sandra Abrevaya

Brian's life changed when he was diagnosed with ALS at just 37. He and his wife, Sandra, used their political skills from the Obama White House to begin advocating for the cause. Katie Couric is one of the executive producers for a documentary featuring the couple, "For Love & Life: No Ordinary Campaign."

The Issue Is Podcast: Jen Psaki

In "Say More," Jen Psaki details her time working for Joe Biden as White House Press Secretary and for Barack Obama as White House Communications Director.

The Issue Is Podcast: Steve Garvey, Jessica Levinson, Harvey Levin

This week, Pro-Palestinian protesters took to college campuses across the country, from Columbia University to USC and UCLA, building encampments as they demonstrated against the Israel-Hamas war. Harvey Levin joins the show to talk about OJ Simpson's complicated legacy.

The Issue Is Podcast: Gloria Allred, Wally Adeyemo

This week, Gloria Allred joins Elex to discuss OJ Simpson's complicated legacy. Wally Adeyemo, Deputy Treasury Secretary, also joins the show to assess the state of the U.S. economy.