The Issue Is: Intern Terry's Takeover

This week, "The Issue Is:" anchor Elex Michaelson engages in a little role reversal, as FOX 11 intern Terry Ayzman takes the reins for a bonus show!

The Issue Is: Gustavo Arellano

In this week’s ‘The Issue Is:’ podcast extra we sit down with LA Times columnist Gustavo Arellano to discuss Proposition 187. 

Dr. Arthur C. Bartner is retiring after 50 years directing the USC Trojan Marching Band

In this podcast, we take a break from politics for a fascinating conversation with an iconic figure.  Dr. Arthur C. Bartner is retiring after 50 years directing the USC Trojan Marching Band.  He's transformed the band from a struggling group without an identity to an international institution. They've performed with some of the top stars all over the world.  In this conversation with Elex Michaelson, Dr. Bartner discusses how he first got the job.  He tells the story of how a performance with Diana Ross changed everything for him.  And his all-time favorite moment? Creating a four-time platinum record with Fleetwood Mac.  Dr. Bartner describes his directing style & what he plans to do next. 

The Issue Is: Impeachment

Democratic Donor Tom Steyer has always dabbled in politics, but never quite like now. Since July, he’s hopped into the crowded field of 2020 Democratic hopefuls. In his interview on FOX11’s “The Issue Is: with Elex Michaelson,” Steyer explained what separates him from the pack. “The debates were about very important policies…none of these policies can happen until we break the corporate takeover of America.” Steyer, who spearheaded the organization, ‘Need to Impeach,’ also made a bold prediction. Come November, “there’s a good chance [Trump] won’t even be on the ballot.” We discuss impeachment, California's power blackout problems, and the upcoming Democratic debate with our panel. 

The Issue Is: Peter Van Voorhis

Peter Van Voorhis is a conservative political commentator and a contributor to the Washington Examiner, he’s also a frequent guest on FOX News Channel. He tells us how he got into politics at an early age. 

The Issue Is: Gianno Caldwell

In this podcast Gianno Caldwell tells us what it’s like growing up on the south side of Chicago, how he got into politics and what it’s like being a conservative African American.