What The Hal? Affordable college - is there such a thing?

What The Hal

Sam Herbert is graduating high school this year. You know what that means? He just went through a college visiting tour of some 15 colleges across the country. He and his dad, Joe, came to the realization that money was an issue. For many families that's the case.

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Assemblyman Miguel Santiago is the force behind AB2; an assembly bill to provide two years of community college FREE for first time community college students. To Jerry Lucido, a USC professor who has researched things like college admission trends that's a good idea. Then a community college student can move to a four-year school for the last two years. To him, it's important for potential college students to know what they want to do as opposed to where they want to go.

Allison Lopour, with College wise.com, also agrees. A lot of parents like Joe Herbert struggle with college admission forms and processes. That's where counselors like Allison come in. Ryan Cornner is a Vice Chancellor at the LA Community College District. To him, there are lots of options especially when it comes to two year colleges.

This podcast aims to help confused parents and students understand what lies ahead.