Chris Dorner: Badge of Dishonor: The Manifesto

February 2013: A young couple murdered in Irvine, California. Young lovers engaged to be married, were gunned down. Why were they targeted?

One day later, the manifesto was revealed. The name: Christopher Dorner - a disgruntled former LAPD officer on a mission for revenge.

His first victims - that daughter of an LAPD captain and her fiance.

For the next week, a manhunt the likes of which southern California had never seen. From LA to San Diego, Orange County to the Inland Empire, officers were threatened with innocent civilians caught in the middle.

In the end, four people would die, and others would be injured before rogue cop Chris Dorner would die during a standoff in his mountain hideaway.

From the manifesto to the manhunt, to the hideout and shootout in the mountains, over a series of episodes, we'll take a deep look into the Christopher Dorner case, hear new interviews never heard before until now.

Joining us on this podcast series is:FOX 11 host and reporter Hal Eisner, FOX 11 anchor/reporter Phil Shuman, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman, FOX 11 anchor Laura Diaz, and FOX 11 managing editor Pete Wilgoren.

This is Episode 1: The Manifesto.