Zookeeper describes the birth of a giraffe

Many people across the country have been mesmerized with #GiraffeWatch in recent days. A zoo in the state of New York has posted a live streaming video of April, a 15-year-old giraffe who is expected to give birth at any time.

THe Animal Adventure Park started streaming video of the giraffe in her enclosed pen on Wednesday. The feed was briefly interrupted Thursday morning, when it was removed from YouTube because certain Animal Rights Activists allegedly labeled it as sexually explicit.

A short time later, the feed was restored.

In Phoenix, giraffes are a popular attraction at the Phoenix zoo, and one zookeeper has worked with the mammals for two decades, and witnessed several births.

Liezel King is the Collection Manager of hoof and stock at the Phoenix Zoo, and she said a giraffe's birth is dramatic.

"Giraffe moms give birth standing up," King said. "So, that adds a little excitement to the process. You usually see the front feet first, and then the nose. Once it gets going, the mom gets the shoulders passed. Gravity sort of helps because they're standing."

King said a giraffe's birth is usually quick, as it usually takes 30 minutes or so after the hoofs initially appear.