Young women take on new role as investors during coronavirus shutdown

When singer Princess Fortier learned the coronavirus would put her music performance career on hold, she turned to investing in the stock market. She's among the new, young faces who've found the time or the need to look into ways to make money.

Her sister, Destiny, who works from home in marketing has played the stock market as a day trader over the past few years, so Princess had some guidance. The two are UCLA graduates but learned finance as Destiny says "through Youtube University." Now, they've formed a membership club called the Muse Collective Club where it is as much about forming a social connection and friendship as it is about making money. 

The Fortier sisters say they have about 100 members who share tips, advice, discuss finance, and enjoy friendship. Some are even using unemployment money to invest.

Felice LaZae is also a singer. She describes herself as a "newbie to stocks."  The ladies admit they have lost money as well as made money.  Princess says the fearful investor should start small, or even practice with apps that allow you to play with fake money, but in real market time. 

With the coronavirus and so many at home, the financial news sites say they are seeing a trend in new investors.

The ladies behind the Muse Collective Club are working to grow in membership, which is free, but they are also selective, looking for like minds.  

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