Woman survives in California wilderness by eating snow, yogurt

A woman was able to survive for six days in a remote part of Northern California by eating snow and rationing yogurt cups, according to the Lassen County Sheriff's Office. 

In a Facebook post, authorities said 48-year-old Justin Lonich reported he and his friend 52-year-old Sheena Gullett were driving on dirt roads off Highway 44 during inclement weather. 

The pair's vehicle got stuck in the snow after driving for several miles, authorities said. They spent the night in their car and by next morning the car battery had died, Lonich told sheriff's deputies.

The couple tried to walk back to Highway 44, but Gullett fell behind after she had worn out the soles of her boots. The two got separated, authorities said. 

Lonich tried to find Gullett, but his efforts were to no avail due to the heavy snow. Lonich was able to find shelters and start campfires for two days before he reached Highway 44 on Sunday and hitched a ride into Susanville, authorities said.

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That's when Lonich went to authorities to report Gullett possibly stranded in the forest with their car. It was difficult to narrow down a search area since Lonich wasn't familiar with the area and roads they traveled, officials said. 

California Highway Patrol was able to fly over the search area when the weather cleared, but more searches could not be conducted to due to bad weather, authorities said. 

After several hours of searching Sunday, a sheriff’s sergeant located the car, with Gullett inside. Authorities said she was "very emotional, but physically okay." Gullett had no visible injuries and was sent to the nearby ranger station to be evaluated by medical professionals.

Gullet survived the six days by rationing a six-pack of yogurt, eating one each day, while also eating snow since she had no water, the sheriff’s office said. Gullett told authorities she saw the helicopter fly by earlier, but was not seen due to being in a heavily wooded area.

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