Woman shares story of abortion pill reversal

Reproductive rights – especially abortion – just might be the most divisive issue in our nation right now.

All this week, our viewers have shared many different views and stories with us – and we know there are a lot of perspectives.

On Wednesday, FOX 11's Hailey Winslow spoke with one woman who shared her personal experience.

Rebekah Hagan was a college freshman when she found out she was pregnant. Being raised by a family of devout Christians, Hagan feared she'd be disowned by her parents when she walked into Planned Parenthood almost a decade ago.

"In a moment of panic, it was really my life versus my unborn child's life," Hagan said. "And i chose abortion because I felt like that was the best quick-fix."

She took the first pill for a chemical abortion and planned to take the second the following day – until she got to the parking lot.

"I no longer felt relief," Hagan said. "Instead, I felt guilt and trauma and I was sad and I was remorseful and I was deeply regretting the decision to have the abortion.

"As I sat there, I realized that the following day was March 14 and that was my older son’s first birthday and that was really the tipping point and the moment that I said, ‘I can’t do this.’ I can’t let March 14th literally be a day that I brought one child into this world and took another one out. It cannot go down this way," she added.

Still in the parking spot shaking, she searched for a solution. 

Hagan then found an abortion pill reversal – which puts naturally-producing progesterone back into the body. She was one of the first women to take it – and it worked.

Hagan went on to finish college, met the man of her dreams and the couple now have four kids. She has since turned her and Zach story into a mission to help others.

"There are organizations and people and resources out there, available to you and your child," Hagan said. "People who want to walk this journey with you. There is free health care, free emotional care, free support available to you and that you do not have to choose between your aspirations and your goals in life and the life of your unborn child. You can absolutely have both."

Now every day, she looks at little Zach, hours away from never existing.

"I am just so grateful that I never have to wonder who Zachariah would’ve been and instead, I get to watch his little life unfold right before my eyes."