Woman removed from Delta flight over 'too revealing' clothing, calls for policy change

A woman was escorted off of a Delta flight after she was told her clothing was "too revealing." Now, she's calling for change. 

In January, Lisa Archbold was flying out of Salt Lake City to San Francisco when she was told to get off the plane after everyone was boarded and quiet. 

She claims she was told by flight staff that she needed to "cover up" due to her clothing.

"She came to my seat and loudly asked to speak to me in private and escorted me off the plane as though I was a criminal," Archbold said. "I felt it was a spectacle aimed at punishing me for not being a woman the way she thought I should be a woman." 

Archbold, who identifies as queer, says she was dressed like a little boy in baggy pants and a shirt. 

She posted on "X," formerly known as Twitter, a photo of her outfit. 

Archbold says Delta told her it's their policy that women need to cover up. She was told if she put on a jacket, she could fly. So, Archbold complied. 

Now, she and her attorney are calling on the airline to change their policy. 

"Delta's contract of carriage says that Delta may remove a passenger when reasonably necessary for the ‘comfort or safety of passengers.’ For example, when ‘the passengers conduct, attire, hygiene, or odor creates an unreasonable risk of offense or annoyance to other passengers,'" said Archbold. "Please explain how wearing a t-shirt without a bra causes ‘an unreasonable risk of offense or annoyance.’" 

Archbold has filed an official complaint with the airline and is waiting for a response. 

Her attorney has not yet filed a lawsuit and wants the policy changed.