Woman arrested after refusing to wear mask at Office Depot

Terry Wright, the woman seen in a viral video refusing to wear a mask at a Bank of America location, has been arrested after refusing to wear a mask at an Office Depot in Texas City.

According to police, Wright was asked to wear a mask or leave the Office Depot. Texas City Police officers were dispatched to the scene around 9 a.m. on March 17.

Officers say Wright refused to give them a date of birth, but one officer recognized her from video of the Galveston incident at Bank of America. 

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Texas City police officers found that Wright had two warrants out for her arrest for the Bank of America incident. She was arrested and transported to Galveston County Jail.

Wright is being held on charges of Criminal Trespass and Resist Arrest Search or Transport. No additional charges were filed due to the Office Depot incident in Texas City.