Nurse's Mercedes hit 130 mph in Windsor Hills crash that killed 6: prosecutors

The traveling nurse from Texas accused of killing six people - including an unborn baby - in the fiery Windsor Hills crash "floored the gas pedal" to 130 mph just before the deadly wreck in August, according to prosecutors.

The Los Angeles Times reports the new documents filed in court Friday show Nicole Linton accelerated in the five seconds before the crash, according to data from her Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe.

Police had originally reported Linton was going 90 mph.


Additionally, the documents filed said Linton was "conscious and deliberate" in her driving, and that the alleged data showed she did not try to brake or slow down before the fiery crash.

Linton's attorney in her most recent hearing claimed she suffers from epilepsy, setting up a defense that may include a loss of consciousness. 

A bail review hearing for Linton is scheduled for Monday.

Linton was behind the wheel of the Mercedes when she ran a red light and struck several cars at the intersection of S. La Brea and Slauson avenues on August 4, causing the fiery multi-car crash that killed six people, including an infant and a pregnant woman.

While Linton doesn't have a criminal record, investigators claim she has a history of crashes and mental health trouble. Prosecutors allege Linton was involved in 13 crashes outside of California. One of the crashes allegedly took place as recently as 2020, where it ended with people getting hurt, prosecutors said.


In addition to the six counts of murder, Linton was also charged with five counts of gross vehicular manslaughter from the Windsor Hills wreck.

If convicted as charged, she faces up to 90 years to life in prison.