Westwood businesses vandalized during President Joe Biden's LA visit

As President Joe Biden visits Southern California this weekend, some of the protesters branched out of their planned demonstrations in LA's westside to tag local businesses.

At one of the Westwood Starbucks locations, FOX 11's crew spotted its property being tagged with messages like "Baby Killers" and "Gaza" written over it.

This comes as demonstrators gathered across Los Angeles County's westside neighborhoods, which included places near Beverly Hills, Century City, Pico Robertson and Westwood. Many called for Biden to take action for Palestine in the wake of the recent attacks on the Gaza Strip.

At one of the demonstrations, protesters flashed a banner that read "Genocide Joe."

The Los Angeles Police Department briefly issued an unlawful assembly declaration Friday evening after officers claim people started throwing stuff. The unlawful assembly was eventually lifted and ultimately no one was arrested and no officers were hurt.

Biden will remain in Southern California this weekend to attend fundraising events in the region.