Westchester residents protest against LA City's plans to allow high rises in neighborhood

Westside residents held a rally to protest against the City of Los Angeles' proposal to allow high rises in the Westchester area.

On Monday, residents gathered at the Westchester Senior Center on Lincoln Boulevard to hold the rally. LA City had previously proposed a plan to "upzoning" more than 5,000 lots that were initially reserved for single-family units.

Protesters argue the proposed plan would triple the number of housing units in Westchester without plans to improve the community's infrastructure. 

Westchester resident Eric Moore explained a high-rise building was recently built next to his home.

"Now, I have a six-story building – look down into my house and into my backyard," Moore explained. "We had nice privacy and then all of a sudden, that all changed."

The City had previously asked neighborhoods to do their part in solving the ongoing SoCal housing crisis – but protesters questioned the city leaders' sentiment.

"Our jobs map does not have as many jobs as the Palisades and Brentwood in Venice," said Jolie Delja, a concerned local resident. "Our public transportation is not as good as Brentwood and Venice. Yet, all of the units are jammed here. There's a reason – and it's because we don't have attorneys like the Palisades. We don't have lobbyists. We are just a middle-class community."

The city planners denied that was the case. City leaders insist the projects are being done in phases.