West Hills dessert shop shaken after being targeted by robbers

A West Hills dessert shop was targeted in a robbery Monday, and it was caught on surveillance video.

The robbery happened at around 1:30 a.m. Monday, just 10 minutes after employees closed up shop at The Funnel House on Fallbrook Avenue in West Hills. 

The store's manager, Daniel Ohm, said he found out about the robbery from an employee of Menchie's Frozen Yogurt, which is directly next door to The Funnel House, and was also targeted that morning. 

"I ran all the way from home to here [The Funnel House] and came to a broken glass door and we're just shaken because it's the first time I actually experienced something like this," said Ohm.

Ohm said he started checking the store and realized a number of items were stolen

"They [thieves] were pretty quick. They took some of our safes that had some of our money and profits in there – our keys, our checks and what not – and a few dollars and our register too," said Ohm. 

A West Hills dessert shop was targeted by a group of robbers.

A West Hills dessert shop was targeted by a group of robbers. (FOX 11)

Ohm said they have not had any other robberies since they've been at that location for two years.

"Nothing to this extent. We've had a few transient or homeless people causing a ruckus here and there but nothing to this degree. Nothing like a small mom-and-pop shop getting robbed. It's extremely concerning," said Ohm. 

Ohm said the expenses are mounting with the need for a new glass door, new locks and new keys. 

"It's a headache. It's already been three days in and we're pretty backed up. Us businesses are kind of suffering a bit, and we are coming back from a pandemic," said Ohm.

Community members said a number of other stores in West Hills and Woodland Hills outside of Menchie's and The Funnel House were also targeted in robberies. 

Ohm said he hopes the suspects are caught, and the community helps support their business during this time. 

"We just hope that you guys come out, help support us and the neighboring shops too so we can get back on the right foot again," said Ohm. 

LAPD confirmed they are investigating the incidents, but there is no suspect information available at this time.